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Salidas diarias a las 10:30 AM

In this tour you will visit a local market where you can taste unique fruits such as cherimoya, lucuma, aguaymanto and pacae, as well as a large number of Peruvian products.
Then we will visit a local restaurant where they will have the opportunity to learn how to prepare a pisco souer with a professional bartender and also the perfect ceviche by the chef.
Return to the hotel or starting point.

Our program includes:

  • Transport in full equipped cars.
  • Visit a local market and cooking classes
  • Lunch
  • Bilingual guide.

We recommend to bring:

  • Camara

Gastronomy of Peru: varied food, product of the miscegenation of the native and foreign cultures of the colonial and republican era until the end of the XIX century mainly. Added to this is the diversity of climates that provide characteristic products for the dishes.
Peruvian food is present in innumerable restaurants outside Peru. The Peruvian food is accompanied with Chicha Morada or “Inca Kola”.
The flag products of Peru are the products or cultural expressions whose origin or transformation have occurred in the Peruvian territory with characteristics that represent the image of Peru outside this country.

The pisco, distilled drink typical of Peru is elaborated from the grape, whose value has crossed the borders of the country. The pisco sour is the most traditional cocktail prepared with pisco.

Lucuma is the fruit of a tree native to the pre-mountain range represented in huacos and pre-Inca fabrics. Its fruit is used in the preparation of desserts and ice cream.
Asparagus: Peruvian asparagus is characterized by its high quality, and currently the country is the first producer of this vegetable.

Potatoes or potatoes from Peru have a diverse variety and is used to prepare different dishes, such as the Causa and the Lomo saltado that carries as a garnish.


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