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AM o PM Pick up from the hotel to visit the Larco Museum
Duration: 3 hours.

Departs to the historic district of Pueblo Libre located to the North of the city where we will reach the Larco Herrera Museum located in an old Farm house, which was built on an ancient pre-Inca construction.

The visit lasts 1 hour approximately.

Return to the hotel or starting point.

Our program includes:

  • Transport RT
  • Entrances to the Larco Museum
  • Bilingual guide


The Larco Herrera Museum was founded in 1926, and is located in a 18th century viceroyal mansion, in the district of Pueblo Libre, built on a pre-Columbian pyramid of the 7th century. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens.

The museum has several permanent exhibits. The Gold and Silver Gallery displays the largest collection of jewelry used by various rulers of pre-Columbian Peru. It includes a collection of crowns, earmuffs, nose rings, jewels, masks and glasses, finely worked in gold and decorated with semiprecious stones. The ancient cultures of Peru represented their daily life in ceramics, this museum having an important collection of erotic huacos.

The Culture gallery shows over 3,000 years of pre-Columbian Peru history. This gallery arranged chronologically offers visitors a comprehensive view of the cultures that existed in pre-Columbian Peru through artifacts that survived the conquest of Peru in the 16th century. The gallery is divided into four areas: North Coast, Central Coast, South Coast and Andes. The showcases have been arranged according to the cultural sequence:

  • North Coast: Cupisnique, Vicus, Moche and Chimu;
  • Central Coast: Lima and Chancay;
  • South Coast: Paracas, Nazca and Chincha;
  • Andes: Chavi­n, Tiahuanaco, Wari and Inca.


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