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Duration 4 hours.

Head south to km. 30 of the Panamericana highway we will visit the best sample of pre-Inca and Inca architecture, this tour includes the visit to the Site Museum, which keeps the original idol of Pachacamac, creator of the land, as well as the Temple of the Chosen, Temple of Pachacamac, Temple of The Sun, among others. Returning, we will pass through the Pantanos de Villa, where thousands of migratory birds will rest and visit the bohemian Barranco neighborhood.

Return to the hotel or starting point.

Our program includes:

  • Transport in full equipped cars.
  • Bilingual guide.

Does Not Include:

  • Entrances to the Pachacamac ruins.

We recommend to bring:

  • Tennis.
  • Camara


Pachacamac is an archaeological site located in the right margin of the Lurí­n river, very near to the Pacific Ocean in the district of Lurí­n, there was an old oracle of the pre-Inca period basically constructed with adobe bricks, that along with Cuzco in the sierra, is located on the coast the main place of worship to God Pachacamac, who was credited with the creation of the universe and everything.

Pachacamac was the main sanctuary of the central coast for more than a thousand years and its temples were visited by multitudes of pilgrims on the occasion of the great Andean rituals, for Pachacamac was a successful oracle capable of predicting the future and controlling the movements of the earth. To the sanctuary of Pachacamac also came inhabitants of all the Andes in search of solutions to their problems or answers to their doubts.

The word Pachacamac means “soul of the earth, who animates the world”. The ancient Peruvians believed that a single movement of their head would cause earthquakes. He could not look directly into the eyes, and even his priests entered the room from behind. The cult of Pachacamac was the center of every coastal religion.

Barranco, also known as the Bohemian neighborhood, was an attractive resort for the upper-middle-class Limeños and foreigners in general, most of whom settled on the construction of large ranches and mansions, emulating European styles. Its remoteness from the city created the necessity of the use of trains and then of trams, like transport.

It currently has many restaurants, hotels, art galleries and very romantic areas like the “Bridge of Sighs”


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