Prices of the tours and transfers:

  • All rates are in US Dollars and include all applicable rates for foreign tourists and not resident peruvians in Peru.


Visa Card, Western Union and bank  and bank deposits to the following bank accounts:

Current Account US$ Scotiabank – Caral Tours S.R.L Nº 0004095893

Interbank Code: 009-034-000004095893-06

Saving account US$ BBVA Lindomira Hilda Rios De La Gala: 0011-0184-0200309385

Interbank Code: 011-184-000200309385-9

Saving Account US$ BCP Fernando Gonzalez Rí­os: 193-23684357-1-91

Interbank Code: 002-193-12368435719119

Bookings, Payment and Bank deposits:

The payment on line and others will only process bookings with a minimum of 36 hours in advance of the date of the touristic services. Otherwise Caral Tours S.R.L reserves the right to reject the request for the services.

To confirm the reservation we must have received the full payment for the contracted services.

Booking of Tours and Tourist Services:

  • All requests for reservation of tours or services that are confirmed are guaranteed. The confirmation of the requested booking will be informed through an e-mail indicating the code or name of the reserved program of each tour or service.
  • The confirmation of the services will proceed after receiving your online reservation request and the total payment for these, which must be made with a minimum of 36 hours before the date and time indicated as the start of the service.
  • The passenger will be contacted by the tour operator in the place indicated by you at the time of booking the tour or tourist service.
  • It is the responsibility of the passenger to indicate the dates of their arrival or departure with the anticipation, as well as the flights numbers or buses itineraries.
  • In case the passenger requires a different picking up place, other than the one published in the program or itinerary, he must coordinate it in advance with Caral Tours S.R.L.


Cancellations and refund requests must be submitted in writing including all pertinent information and will be addressed immediately.

  • If a cancellation is received up to 48 hours before the start time of the contracted service, the payment of this service will be refundable in full, less administrative costs.
  • In the case of services contracted as the Nazca Lines flights we must apply for the cancellations the aeronautical policies according to the conditions of each case.
  • No reimbursement will be granted if the cancellation is received less than 24 hours after the start of the contracted service.