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Jruby gems

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Getting Started with JRuby. In this guide, you'll learn how to install JRuby, run a JRuby console, install Gem dependencies, and run some sample code. Many Ruby libraries are packaged as gems. Unfortunately many of these gems assume that they will only be used in an environment that has Rubygems. jruby-gems-jar. Sometimes a really simple solution is best. For distributing a ruby environment in a complex build pipeline, a single jar file.

This gem includes the core JRuby code and the JRuby / stdlib as jar files. It provides a way to have other gems depend on JRuby without including (and. Installing JRuby and Required Gems. To develop and deploy Rails applications on the Sun GlassFish, you need to do the following: Download and install JRuby . It sounds strange, how have you installed JRuby? With RVM? If you use rvm it's super easy to install and use jruby like every others ruby.

10 Feb Tips to enable your gem to run with different ruby runtimes (MRI, JRuby, Rubinius , etc). 16 Jun To install a gem for Ruby engine inside MagicDraw java -jar -S gem install [--user-install] gem name1> gem. 15 Oct Let's have a quick look on how to reuse our Ruby code and gems in Java leveraging the awesome work of JRuby guys. What we need is Java. 10 Jan As a result of some fruitful hacking at RubyConf , I was able to modify JRuby so that gems can be loaded and used without having to. For the vast majority of cases this shouldn't pose any problems because JRuby is highly compatible with vanilla Ruby. Puppet Server will not load gems from.

24 Apr How to set up a JRuby project using the using Bundler to manage gem dependencies. HI. I'm running rvm on Cygwin and find the way the paths are used when installing gems differ between Ruby and JRuby. I am unable to install. Generate JRuby gems from JRuby or MRI. In order to keep sanity in the Ruby world. As a Gem developer who used to do J2EE development. I want more rake . 2 Jul We will show how to add a JRuby console to any maven project with gems! Written by Matt Wilson. How great would it be if your Java and.


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