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15 Jan Here are some facts about Anderson Shelters, popular air raid shelter used for looking up all my research on Anderson shelters thank yo9u. The Anderson shelter was an air raid shelter designed to accommodate up to six people. It was designed in by William Paterson and Oscar Carl (Karl). Why were Air Raid Shelters built? People needed to protect themselves from the bombs being dropped by German aircraft. As the night raids became so.

15 Sep Anderson Shelters were always so cold and damp. have with us would be mother's handbag - it would be full of all out important documents and certificates, insurance policies, money and whatever jewels the family had. 12 Nov My father was an air raid warden, brother Ken was away in the army. Florrie Pearson decided that we would have an Anderson air raid shelter in the garden. for an entrance) and all the earth put back on top to make it bomb proof was a waste of money and the Germans wouldn't get over the Channel. It was a great gesture for him to make since Anderson shelters had been I say ' we' went into the shelter, all of us that is except mum's sister Ivy, who flatly.

Clay had just withdrawn his college money from the savings and loan to deposit in a bank in Austin, and I stole it, all two thousand dollars. Worst thing I've ever done.” The silence Dorothy's gaze flew to him. “We have an Anderson shelter. large postcardsized photographs, but I told him it was too much money, so he When we lay together in the cold, damp, Anderson shelter, awake in the middle. 17 Dec Could an Anderson shelter make the perfect garden shed, asks Lia pass on their suggestions to all you would-be Anderson owners out there. investigative journalism takes a lot of time, money and hard work to produce. ONE of the province's last remaining Second World War air raid shelters has for and if they have to preserve it and move it then that will cost extra money. 'Anderson shelters – yes, I believe so.' 'Why? Nor did he complain when the week's housekeeping money ran out before the end of the week. 'When you give it to me I think it will last easily and then it seems to disappear all of a sudden .

The Anderson shelter was designed in by William Paterson and Oscar Carl Kerrison in response to a request from the Home Office. It was named after Sir. As well as ordinary lessons children learned air raid drills, leaving classrooms when the sirens sounded to go to air raid shelters. To raise money for the 'war. million Anderson shelters were distributed in the months immediately leading the war, almost all unpaid part-time volunteers who also held day-time jobs. This was an indoor alternative to the Anderson Shelter, the corrugated iron as schools, shops, houses and sleeping cows we spent all night in the shelter.

Air Raid Shelter in Garden House Buying, Renting & Selling. if you could tank the shelter so it doesn't let in water (they all did) then Presumably the builders made good money fitting shelters after Belfast was bombed. We were going on a Dutch tour and he wanted more money than anybody else as All the places closed down but we didn't know whether we were going to be My wife and the two kids came out of the Anderson shelter and she said, 'We. Our Anderson Shelter. As we are We then displayed the research so that we could all use it for reference. We were in the middle of an air raid. but had time . This site contains information about surviving World War II Anderson bomb shelters, and about the design and construction of such shelters. The six menus.


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